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What’s trending in kitchen and bath?

What’s trending in kitchen and bath?

What’s trending in kitchen and bath?

By Linda Jennings

From vibrant colors and interesting textures to the juxtaposition of romantic nostalgia and ultra-high tech, this year’s trends offer plenty of substance to spark the imagination. As always, Pantone, an authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color, sets the tone for both runway and home fashion with its awaited “Color of the Year.” For 2013, it’s the rich jewel-toned, opulent and always elegant Emerald Green.
Perhaps the most significant take-away from this year’s top trends is “creating a harmonious whole.” This done through the successful marriage of color, texture, technology, functionality and style that can actually aid in invoking a sense of balance.

Emerald green…a perennial jewel

The 2013 color forecast from the pros at Pantone reveals new colors that soothe, renew and even surprise. Always on point with today’s trends, Atlas Homewares has come out with a new line of decorative hardware that celebrates Pantone’s recommendation of emerald green. The year’s must-have hue is featured in a new addition to their Dream Glass collection, knobs accented by colorful emerald spots. The whimsical pop of polka dots defines this limited edition collection that makes a room come alive with style. Adding splashes of color is the easiest way to quickly transform any space, and these emerald spotted jewels are a great way to add some flair to a kitchen or bath.

Victorian romance is back

Sentimentality, nostalgia and romanticized beauty are back! Classical ornaments are a trend also making a comeback, such as Victoria + Albert’s new Radford Collection. Taking inspiration from the Victorian period, but with a touch of modern day refinement, the new tub has an opulent roll-top and a complementary basin. This beautiful collection introduces a touch of traditional elegance to the bathroom. Designed for the comfort of today’s bather, the bath features a signature rim detailing and follows the traditional design rules of strict symmetry, offering a perfect angle of recline, which fully supports the body. To complete the new traditional design, the Radford bath comes with streamlined ENGLISHCAST feet adapted from the period original ball and claw design.

Texture adds warmth

Earthy textures lay a new foundation for warmth and coziness in the home. Think of trying textures in unusual places, such as hardware on a piece of furniture or hanging knobs on the wall for a quick towel holder. Du Verre’s designer-inspired lines feature a variety of options for adding texture almost instantly. World traveler Gina Lubin, founding partner and designer at Du Verre, brings home colors, light, shadow and textures from across the globe and incorporates them seamlessly into Du Verre’s distinctive designs.
Lubin’s focus is on well being, and her goal is to create a legacy of wellness and joy. She admits to being more interested in how her projects help to make her clients feel than how the projects look.

“A space cannot be truly beautiful unless it functions in harmony with whom we are... it’s about pleasure: discovering what pleases us and creating an environment that will celebrate those qualities and sustain us,” Lubin said.
As a wellness advocate, Lubin added, “I encourage people to curate their lives to help create happiness and balance. I believe in the Shaker dictum to ‘not make something unless it is both made necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.’”

In each of her Du Verre designs, she aspires to create “a harmonious whole.”
Glass gives interiors natural warmth; the luminescent hue provides a subtle, elegant gleam. Not only does it mix well with other materials, glass is also a natural material made from sand and minerals so it’s fully recyclable. Countertops by ThinkGlass possess amazing durability and inherent hygienic properties, making them an excellent choice for both kitchen and bath. Customers can select glass thickness and edge treatments and even add LED lights to further personalize their design.

To getting personal, customization is key

Adaptability is another trend we’re hearing consumers are looking for in 2013. The option to have products personalized to suit an individual’s needs and preferences is paramount. The design team at BainUltra has responded with an entirely new category of therapeutic baths – ThermaSens.

ThermaSens is a highly therapeutic bath that communicates with the four senses. Its WarmTouchShell provides adjustable uniform heat through its headrest, backrest and seat. An integrated chromatherapy program restores inner harmony and vitality with a rainbow of colors, while the AromaCloud diffuser releases a fine mist of essential oils. Truly a unique sensory experience.

Known for its myriad of customization options as well as its commitment to superior workmanship, The Furniture Guild has added the Stephen Collection of vanities to its Signature Series. With a choice of stone tops and 14 cabinet finishes, the collection is designed to reflect a homeowner’s personal style.
Diamond Spas creates one-of-a-kind tubs that accommodate all client preferences, from size and shape to seating arrangements. The custom Oasis Tub is one of Diamond Spas most elegant baths to date. Layers of rich mahogany are split front and center to allow for a unique overflow panel. With a deep and spacious interior bathing and benches for two, this classy bath brings organic elements and modern finishes together in harmony. Diamond Spas recently opened a suite in the Design Resource Center of Chicago’s prestigious LuxeHome, one of the country’s premier destinations for fine kitchen, bath and building products.

Stylish innovations

Lenova unveiled a show stopping line of faucets at KBIS 2013. The new line includes a variety of models designed to fit any kitchen, with styles ranging from sleek and modern to elegantly traditional in single lever or dual handles. The stainless steel construction of the new faucet line eliminates the concern associated with lead, and the satin polish on the stainless surfaces insures a lifetime of good looks with minimum care.

Industry breakthroughs manifested in style are always in vogue. The new two-piece Riose wall-outlet toilet from ICERA combines a stylish appearance with an efficient, floor mounted wall-outlet installation, for a toilet design that meets the most challenging of installations. Not only is the Riose one of the most efficient gravity toilets in its class, the flush mechanism is among the quietest.

Though the circle is certainly not new, Pyrolave has brought it to the contemporary forefront by incorporating the classic, curving line into the bath in the form of circular basins. With a molded, unfinished-looking exterior and slightly askew rim, the basins bring a sense of fresh, unexpected fun into bathroom design.

Riobel demonstrates that sophisticated style needn’t take a back seat to the practical demands of daily living. Its innovative and dependable BI201 kitchen faucet and spray integrate the latest technology in flow and function with the discriminating homeowner’s sense of design. Sporting a ceramic cartridge and a 3/8 inch speedway compression, the solid brass fixture is available in chrome, chrome/black and stainless steel/black.

Wildly popular animal prints

“A leopard never changes its spots.”
This old adage still holds true. Why wouldn’t it?
Ever-trendy and in vogue more this year than ever before, leopard, tiger and zebra prints have dominated fashion throughout seasons. Bold does remain beautiful, but for those whom the look may feel a bit too savage, designers recommend just using a pop of the print.

From clothing inserts and accessories to carefully chosen accents for the home, the animal-inspired look is making an encore. A timely new addition to the Atlas Homewares Dream Glass Collection, their zebra print square and round knobs are a perfect example of a small addition that creates a huge impact.

Linda Jennings is president of Jennings & Company, a public relations agency specializing in the decorative plumbing and luxury hardware industry. For more than 20 years, she has worked with significant editors and journalists in the consumer home market, identifying trends and providing newsworthy products. Jennings can be reached at