Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cfm AC and Heating Services in Bogota, New Jersey

AC & Heating Services in Bogota, New Jersey

The air conditioning and heating contractors at CFM Heating & Cooling in Bogota, New Jersey, offer AC and heating services for homes and businesses. We do customized work and offer free estimates and 24-hour emergency services.
Air ConditioningAn air conditioner keeps the house cool when it's warm and keeps humidity down. We offer maintenance programs, repairs, outdoor condensing units, and new installation for all different types of makes, brands, and models of AC units. Different types of air conditioning units include custom duct work, which helps carry cool air throughout the house.
AC Repair & Installation
We will replace condensers, evaporator coils, the refrigerant, and the fan. The compressor is the main part of any air conditioning unit. The condenser coil is what condenses everything and makes the air cold and is the most important part of the air conditioning unit.
We feature all makes and models, all brands. We do custom duct work and repair air handlers, thermostats, boilers, and individual air conditioning units. Part of having a good air conditioning unit is dehumidifying the house.
Troubleshooting the Air HandlerThe air handler is what pushes the air throughout the duct work to make sure the air gets throughout the house.  A lot of times this is the part that we will troubleshoot to see if it's the main reason the air is getting pushed through. There are different types of thermostats such as digital types that regulate when different systems come on to make sure energy efficiency is possible.
Heating ServicesEvery year it is recommended you clean your whole heating system to ensure it runs more efficiently. If the duct work is in place, the hot air gets pushed through instead of the cool air. Instead of a condenser or compressor, it's done with a heat pump, which moves the heat throughout the house similar to what the air handler does when it's cold.
Replacing Old Heating SystemsCustom duct work involves replacing old heating systems to make it more energy efficient. Our heating services involve the replacement and repair for all the different types of parts needed for the heating system including furnaces, boilers, and thermostats.
Quality Systems from Lennox CFM Heating & Cooling has been an authorized Lennox dealer for more than 20 years, because we know quality when we see it. Lennox produces the most efficient and effective heating and cooling systems on the market.
Lennox prices are very competitive, and their warranty is second to none. Our extensive experience with Lennox means that we can help you select just the right system for your needs and install it with unparalleled expertise. When you want the best, just ask for Lennox.
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