Monday, May 5, 2014

New Jersey Heat Pump Services cfm

New Jersey Heat Pump Services

Are you paying too much for heating every winter? Do you ever run out of heating oil or experience service outages from the gas company? Gas furnaces are great, but when it comes to efficient heating, nothing beats a heat pump! Heat pumps don’t burn fuel to provide heat and are among the most energy efficient heating sources available. CFM Air Conditioning provides a variety of heat pump services, including:
  • New Jersey heat pump installation
  • New Jersey heat pump repair
  • New Jersey heat pump replacement
If you need heat pump services in Passaic, Union or Bergen County, New Jersey, call CFM Air Conditioning today!

New Jersey Heat Pump Installation

The most important day of your heat pumps life is the first day it’s installed. That’s why it’s important to go with a company who knows what they’re doing! At CFM Air Conditioning, we’ve been installing heat pumps in homes all around central New Jersey since 2001. We offer a full line of Lennox heat pumps, including:
  • Merit 12HPB heat pump
  • Elite HP29 heat pump
  • Elite HPX12 heat pump
  • Elite HP26 heat pump
  • Signature HPX15 heat pump
  • Dave Lennox Signature XP19 heat pump
  • Dave Lennox Signature XP15 heat pump
  • Dave Lennox Signature XPG20 heat pump
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New Jersey Heat Pump Inspection & Repair

A broken down heat pump can leave you sweating in the summer or shivering in the winter—unless you call CFM Air Conditioning! Our New Jersey HVAC experts will inspect your system and do whatever it takes to make sure your heat pump repair job is a success. Your heat pump will run as smoothly as the day it was installed!
And if you want to ensure a full season of comfort from your heat pump, a seasonal heat pump inspection from CFM Air Conditioning is crucial! We’ll come check out all the nuts and bolts of your heat pump, lube up all the parts and make sure it will run no matter what the season. Heat pumps have to work all year, and they can take a beating—make sure yours runs perfectly by calling CFM Air Conditioning for heat pump inspection!

New Jersey Heat Pump Replacement

A good heat pump will last you about 15 years. Is yours getting older than that? Call CFM Air Conditioning! We will remove your old heat pump and replace it with a newer, even more efficient one. If your system is getting ready to give up the ghost, call CFM Air Conditioning for heat pump replacement!
If you live in Union, Passaic or Bergen County, New Jersey and need any heat pump services, call CFM Air Conditioning today!