Plumbing Services

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24/7 Emergency Service

City Fair Mechanical Plumbing Service provides it’s customers with round the clock emergency service. Our plumbers are ready to respond to emergency service any time with fully stocked trucks and are equipped to handle most emergency repairs upon arrival. Quick responses and professional experience combined are what’s needed to resolve emergency conditions, minimize damage in your home and alleviate customer stress. We put the utmost effort into keeping you and your family happy and healthy.

Heating/Boilers and Water Heaters

City Fair Mechanical Plumbing service is attuned to the comfort and necessities that your home requires for practicality, warmth and optimum performance.

Our technicians have experience yet continue to train and learn the newest and best practices in the field of heating to maximize efficiency. 

Our service includes repairs and replacements of all steam and hot water heating systems for your home such as: 

Steam Boilers, Hot Water Boilers, Oil to gas conversion,  Heating Humidifiers installed, and filters changed Repair and replacements of baseboard and radiators,  Expansion tank,  Pressure reducing valves,  Heating your water is an important part of your family’s daily needs. 

When your water heater goes nothing flows. CFM provides and installs all types of gas, electric, oil and tankless water heaters. 

We will provide you with guidance and education in helping you decide what system is best for your home and budget. We only use reliable and time tested equipment. We are highly qualified and follow all permits and codes.

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City Fair Mechanical Plumbing Service we recommend a yearly maintenance inspection to ensure the safety and efficiency of your plumbing system. Inspection will include an experienced technician to inspect your plumbing system and help you with your maintenance needs

1. All toilets, sinks, tubs, showers are leak tested.

2. Faucet aerators will be cleaned.

3. Exposed water pipes checked.
4. All exposed drains checked.
5. Sump pump/ejector pump checked.
6. Washing machine hoses and dryer hoses checked.
7. Outside hose spigots checked.
8. Water heater flushed and draft and relief valve tested.
9. Main water pressure tested.
10. Inspection of all exposed gas connections and piping in home.

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Video Inspection

Our highly experienced technicians may sometimes need to problem solve in a tricky spot with the use of a
video system.

Camera inspection helps identify problems:

1.cracked sewer pipes

2.sewer pipe sagged 

3.separated sewer pipes 

4.debris blockage 

5.root intrusion 

6.leaking pipe joints 

7.deteriorated piping 

8.broken and cracked water mains 

Cameras allow the professional to identify problems in your waste, vents and water mains that would otherwise require demolition to find and diagnose the problem. Our goal is to provide customers with best solutions and guidance through challenging situations. Upon our inspection our technician will provide a written estimate for solving the problem

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Water Treatment

 CityFair Mechanical Plumbing Service provides and installs complete whole house water treatment systems and drinking water systems for your home. We can better the quality and taste of your drinking water.

 Clean and quality water not only maintains the plumbing and heating systems of your home but can also extend the life of your plumbing systems. Water softeners, water neutralizers, uv systems, water filters and reverse osmosis are some of the services we provide to help improve the quality of your home and every day life.

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Plumbing and Drains

 “The plumber protects the health of the nation.” 

At Jersey Plumbing service we strive to provide you with quality workmanship for all of your plumbing needs, while putting safety and convenience at the forefront of our services. Our professional plumbers are experienced and skilled at fixing and replacements of all of your household plumbing needs.

 We are highly recommended through other customers for repairs, replacements and installations of: 

 Toilets, faucets,garbage disposals, vanities tubs, and showers,  Sump pumps, sewer ejector pumps,condensate pumps, Well tanks and pumps, Water lines, gas lines, piping Installation, and repairs of spigots, Appliance installations.

CFM Plumbing service continues to help water flow smoothly in and out of your home. 

Cleaning and unclogging drains are services we provide to include:

 Blockages sewers mains main sewers cleared Water pipes repaired and replaced in your house and out to the street

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